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Making, maturing, and mobilizing Christ followers who will do the same with their peers. We endeavor to create an on campus community where students can meaningfully encounter God.

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Transforming university students, the marketplace and the world through Christ. We envision every post-secondary student having opportunity to be reconciled and maturing in Christ.

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1. On campus hospitable community: We value community marked by a genuine welcome, an invitation and inclusion.
2. Experiencing holistic worship: We value worship as a whole mind, body and soul expression to God in both word and deed. 
3. Culture of students leading students: We value being a community who reproduces disciples of Jesus in all nations.

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Staff supported. Student led.

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Campus Ministry Director

My name is Lydia and I love our community at VIU! Whether hanging out with students in the cafeteria, playing Capture the Flag on campus, giving a talk on God's story in Scripture, or mentoring students, serving as the Campus Director makes me feel fully alive! I'm a farm kid, having grown up on the prairies in Alberta. The word "deconstruction" wasn't really a thing when I was in my early 20's, but it's something that I had to do, nevertheless, as I reconciled my faith in Christ with the sad reality of what Christendom (Christ's name used for political gain) has done. Surprisingly, that led me into my work as a pastor and spiritual health leader. Before pastoring, I studied piano performance with the Conservatory of Canada, and so I still have a particular passion to intermingle Christ and the arts in my work now. I completed an MA at Regent College in theology and a post-masters certification in Spiritual Care at Trinity Western Seminary. When not on the campus, you'll find me outside or at the piano. I love to cycle, swim, and paddle board, and I'm always game for forming friendships while out in creation or making music!



Campus Ministry Associate

My university career started at VIU in 2014, but I didn't know anything about UCM until I transferred to Simon Fraser University in my second year. UCM became my home away from home as I was welcomed into a community of students who were also trying to figure out how their faith, academics, and life all fit together. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Honours Mathematics, I was a pretty academic and career focused student. Throughout my degree though, God was calling me to share his love with university students at every opportunity, and I slowly found that I was on campus more to make disciples than to go to class. Upon graduation I had the opportunity to do ministry at SFU full time through the Campus Missionary Apprenticeship program after which my husband and I moved back home to raise our daughter on the family farm. It is such a joy to be back at my old campus serving Jesus alongside all of you!



Campus Ministry Aid

I'm originally from Rwanda. I recently graduated from VIU with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, specializing in Microbiology. During my studies, the UCM community became my home away from home. It was a place where I met most of my closest friends, a place where I grew closer to God, and a place where I had amazing opportunities to serve God and my community. As I neared the end of my studies, I felt called to stay and serve with UCM. I truly believe that God has so much in store for students during their time on campus, and am so excited to be part of what He wants to do in their lives during this significant season. I am especially excited to facilitate prayer & worship initiatives on campus for faculty, staff and students. As well as collaborating with international department and Student Housing to support students for Jesus's glory on campus. 

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Campus Ministry Aid

As a VIU alumni and baseball player, I've lived out the student athlete experience before coming to know Jesus in 2021, after years of worldly striving and personal struggles hit an all-time low. Since coming to faith, I've been called to minister to the party scene I was once deeply immersed in. I'm excited to walk alongside students right where they're at, handing out water at parties on campus through Red Frogs and also discipling UCM students. I've deeply valued the role of a mentor in my own life, so I look forward to meeting up with many of you. A few of my other passions are music (drumming & DJing), working with my hands (building, creating, & landscaping), and studying theology & the Scriptures.

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UCM's Serve Team is made up of the keenest students in our community who volunteer their time to organize all that we do.

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VP External Relations


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Core Facilitator


Core Facilitator

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